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Make your own mass gainer!

I am sure, that you have thought about, that how you could make a large portion of mass gainer  powder.
Now I would like to share with you: it is not too difficult!  At least it is easier, than obtain a Ph.D.
So we will use our basic knowledge to create a such cool product, which causes, that our muscles haven’t any choices, only that they will grow in crazy pace.
Which nutrients do we know:     Protein

These are the 3 things, if they are in a mass gainer, there could not be big problem. ( The fats don’t matter, because we will eat them in an other way, so they are in the mass gainer are secondary)
Of course, this thing is not so simple, because there is the main point: from what and how much?
If we view a cheap mass gainer, we see, that it is full of soy as protein (heaven forbid worse) and a part of the Carbohydrate is replaced with sugar. In contrast, the more expensive ones contain good quality ingredients furthermore such  materials, which cause more spectacular bulking. (of course only then, if the diet is right and do not forget to work out occasionally).  And then the question comes: Why isn’t  it good for
us? No, it is very good for us, because we don’t have to deal with cooking. But!
If  it is self-made:
- Financially much more worth it ( a good quality in a lower price)
- We know, what it contains
- Customizable

But that where you get these ingredients from, I leave it for you ( I won’t write names, producers).  It is important, that we get them from a reliable place and instead of protein we don’t get any glucoses?

The procedure!

SO: At the moment we are going to make a such product, which is up to either of advertised to death stuffs...

Protein: We are going to use high quality whey protein, which can be found in the more expensive mass gainer (If we want to make it more special, we can put several types of protein into it, such as cattle)
It, that how many percentages will be the protein in the shake,  depends on your own  shape.
If you are a hardgainer, it can be 15-20%, but I suggest 30% anyway.

Carbohydrates: If we want the best for ourselves, we don’t put the kings of the sugars into it (dextrose, maltodextrin and their friends) instead we are going to choose high quality commodities.
And what I mean by that? Finely ground oatmeal ( A lot of places sell also instant oatmeal) Waxy Maize, Vitargo etc..
Of course, it is also good, if it contains the mentioned earlier sugars, but these materials must be the core of the mass gainer. For example 25%  oatmeal, 20% Waxy Maize, 10% Maltodextrin (If we want better, then Vitargo)

So then the basic mass gainer is ready, we mix the ingredients and voila!!!

However, because we are not so primitive and we would like to create a really effective product, that’s why we should not forget to use extras. And what are these extras?
For example get we the creatine (but I think, that it has not too much sense in this shape), the glutamine, the HMB, the BCAA or Vitamin-C!!
Of course we can  throw anything else into it, which is likeable and which we can allow us.

Put into 5g creatine (per serving)
1-2g HMB (3g/day is enough, but the effect is better, if it is portioned evenly during the day)
5-6g Glutamine and/or BCAA (the best rate is 8:1:1, s o leucine is the most)
we can put into Vitamin-C (1g)
+ it can be also calcium, leucin etc.

So how does  this all thing get together?

35% Whey Protein (it could be isolate or concentrate, hidro etc.
20%  oat, 20% Waxy Maze, 10% Maltodextrin
+ 15% HMB, BCAA, Glutamine, Vitamin-C etc.
and that’s all!

If we do it ably and we don’t die during drinking the shake (it was only a joke), we could save a lot of money (A such shake like our home-made shake could cost  $8-14/kg) and  we could enjoy our own creativity.

Good workout and growing!

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